The waveco® range

waveco is not just technological innovation, it is something more, something that allows you to make your work easier and look for new culinary solutions in order to get the best possible result on every kind of food. waveco comes with new features such as: image makeover, technical improvement and 4.0 ready industry.

The value of this machine and the effectiveness of induced maturation are confirmed by the results obtained in the first two years of commercialisation, which promoted the diffusion of the machine in restaurants all over the world.

Performances are even more efficient

For this waveco, we used a new generation of US electronic circuits and high-performing sonotrodes, thanks to the constant improvement of the waveco core technology, therefore we are talking about an even more performing and competitive machine. waveco improved its performances by 40%, ensuring even more sensational achievements. This upgrade will allow you to improve the product standardisation and will ensure your customers’ satisfaction.


Thanks to the internet connection of your waveco, you will receive at any time technical support if you find anomalies or have doubts about the functioning of your machine.


More and more connected

waveco Industry 4.0 ready with 3 different modes:

  • Lan interface: (standard);
  • Wi-FI interface (optional);
  • GSM connection interface via SIM (optional)

VPN profile dedicated to each machine, to be directly connected to your waveco machine wherever you are, a web app for an immediate connection and a remote control of the commands with a mirror system. Wherever you are, you’ll be able to browse and interact with your waveco® ‘s control panel, even if you are not in the kitchen, keeping everything under control.

waveco® models

Roll-in model

Its trolley structure and limited overall dimensions ensure an easy positioning, making it particularly suitable for the catering and banqueting service. The 2021 version is “Industry 4.0 ready” which ensures special tax benefits according to the current legislation. Thanks to its automatic hydraulic drain and refill system, it is possible to use it in automated mode for water supply.

Countertop machine

It can be placed and used on any kitchen professional counter. Thanks to its automatic hydraulic drain and refill system, it is possible to use it on automatic mode for water supply. The position of the hydraulic connections ensures an easy installation, and their presence does not hinder the proper performance of the staff’s daily task.

XS Model

Easy to handle is the ultra-compact version of waveco, it is “Industry 4.0 ready” and this allows it to access the dedicated tax benefits according to current legislation.

Its dimensions allow it to be placed and used over any professional kitchen counter. Thanks to its manual hydraulic loading and unloading system, it is easily transportable or usable in different areas of the kitchen. Not having the need of a fixed installation to the water supply, it is perfectly versatile in its location. Its small size, are suitable for small kitchens or for gastronomy that want to make even more iconic proposals

Built-in model

With its compact design, it is built to be easily recessed-mounted from top to bottom in all types of professional kitchen work counters. The assistance service will provide all the technical characteristics of the system, that will allow all manufacturers of industrial kitchens to easily and correctly install the product.

waveco® stands out on the market because of 5 important benefits:

Increase in Shelf life
Time saving
Greater Tenderness
Reduction in energy costs
Reduction in food cost

waveco has also some new other features: a change in its livery; a 40% improvement in its performances; new US electronic circuit boards. waveco is Industry 4.0 ready, and by installing it in your kitchen, you will have a tax reduction in your tax credit up to 74%.

How does Industry 4.0 works

Benefiting from this tax reduction is very easy: it’s just signing the documents, easily available through your accountant, of the good receiving the tax reduction and retaining it together with the purchase invoice.

Invoices and other documents concerning the acquisition of goods must contain the explicit reference “Preferential good pursuant to article 1, subparagraphs 1054 to 1058, Law n.178 of the 30th December 2020 — Budget law 2021” otherwise the tax credit won’t be recognised. It will also be necessary, for statistics purposes only, to notify it to the Ministry of Development (how and when this communication should be carried out aren’t known yet).

What are the requirements for this tax reduction?
The only requirements are:
a place of installation equipped with Wi-Fi-connectivity
a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)
a valid e-mail address

Want to see
waveco® in operation?

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