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Induced maturation, your ally in the kitchen

waveco is a professional machine, the result of a long technological development process carried out by our team, Next Cooking Generation, an innovative PMI that operates in research, engineering and building of highly technological machines destined to the food sector.

When we first imagined our waveco concept, we started from the core need of people working in kitchens: finding a better and more profitable way to perform culinary techniques, in order to shift the focus back to the food product and fully enhance it.


waveco® has obtained the worldwide patent No. EP3471555. The invention of waveco® defines a procedure that allows you to change compared to standard processes, a food. With the process of such invention, the characteristics of chewability, digestibility, presence of nutrients and hydration of the food are improved. In addition, the bactericidal action that has focused ultrasound treatment is scientifically proven.

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A high-performance process that changes the way food is prepared forever

This way, induced maturation was born, a new technique based on the use of ultrasounds, the only one studied, calibrated and patented by our ncg team, and validated by research studies run by two italian Universities on every kind of food.

The waveco method allows you to improve the procedures you usually perform in your kitchen while shortening preparation time, reducing cooking temperature and improving the subsequent phase of food storage, thanks to the action of ultrasounds, which reduces the bacterial load and therefore considerably extends the shelf life of the final product.

Based on the results obtained inthe tests run at the University, induced maturation permits an immediate reduction in the bacterial count, equal to 3.0 logarithms, which ensures the conservation of any food for much longer, increasing therefore the food safety and enhancing the optimisation of a food product.

All the research and experimenting run by the University Team of Teramo, led by Dr. Luca Pennisi, have been recently recognised and the effectiveness of the induced maturation technique has been validated by the publication of said results in the scientific journal The Italian Journal of Food Safety.
The aim of the published research was to evaluate the effects of focused ultrasounds produced by waveco’s induced maturation on the inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes (LM) in smoked salmon. In the findings of said publication, it is demonstrated how waveco’s induced maturation© is effective in reducing drastically the bacterial load without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the food.

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